PLUTO Donations

Here at PLUTO we believe that Climate Change is the number one issue facing our world and would like to help do something about it.

We will pledge 20% of our mandatory pool fee every time we mint a block* which is approximately 69 ADA.

There is no specific project or charity we will support, but we intend to change the recipient of the donation each time to ensure as many as possible can receive a helping hand. If you have any recommendations, please let us know!

Our intention is to mint an NFT of the donation receipt every time and send it to the PLUTO owner account for all to see as proof.

* - PLUTO is currently in a bootstrapping phase having only started in Spring 2021 so we are trying to build up our stake to start minting block regularly. We have used the rewards from the initial few blocks to cover our costs, but even so have donated twice already!