A professionally run Cardano stake pool using the latest technologies and secure architecture

Stake your ADA investment with PLUTO to earn passive income of approximately 5% per year

We donate 20% of our profits to climate change projects around the world

Ticker - PLUTO

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Low Fees





Why Pluto?

The team at PLUTO are passionate about Cardano and have been following the project closely since 2019.


Launching a stake pool was the natural step to understand more about how Cardano works with the ultimate aim of carving out a careers in the blockchain sector

Our team have several years background in DevOps, networking and cyber security. We are based in the UK and Croatia

We believe in supporting Climate Change projects around the world and by running PLUTO this will allow us to consistently pledge a portion of our profits to this great cause


39 Loyal Delegators


4.51% ROI

6 Blocks minted


10k  Pledge

1% Margin

345 Pool Fee

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What is Cardano?

Cardano is a third generation Proof of Stake Layer 1 blockchain. It uses a consensus algorithm called Ouroboros to allocate slot leaders every epoch, which is currently 5 days. Eac slot is allocated to a stake pool and the amount of slots each one has is dependent on the amount of stake it has from delegators. There are other factors which are also considered such as pool saturation, but this is the high level overview. As each slot arrives, the stake pool mints a new block with the latest transactions onto the Cardano blockchain. For carrying out this task the pool is rewarded in ADA and the delegators take a cut too.

What is staking?

Staking is the action taken by an investor to delegate their ADA to a stake pool. Your stake is essentially assigned to the pool and is used to help gain slot allocations when the next epoch snapshot is taken by the Ouroboros protocol.

How much will I earn?

Over the year each stake pool should offer approximately 5% ROI small or large. With large pools they will mint blocks regulary and payout regulary, with small pools they will mint more infrequently but the rewards will make up for it. You may even get a better ROI with a small pool which is lucky with slot allocations!

How do I stake with PLUTO?

Firstly you need to move your ADA off an exchange to a personal Cardano wallet such as Yoroi or Daedalus. Yoroi is a lightweight app/browser based wallet which is the easiest to setup and use. Daedalus is a full Cardano node which runs on your computer. Once your ADA is in your wallet, go to the staking/delegation tab, search for PLUTO and stake away!

When will I receive my rewards?

Once your ADA is staked with PLUTO it will take 2 epochs to register as active, therefore it will be counted in the epoch snapshot. In the 3rd epoch if PLUTO mints a block then rewards will be paid directly into your wallet after the proceeding 2 epochs.

What are the risks when staking ADA?

Your ADA never leaves your personnal wallet, and you are free to move, spend or deposit anytime you want 24/7. There is no lock up period. There is a small refundable deposit taken when delegating of 2 ADA, which is repaid should you ever unstaked, plus the minimum fee of approx 0.17 ADA.

Who is the Pluto team?

We are a team of professionals drawing on decades of experince in DevOps, Network engineering and InfoSec consulting. We are passionate about all things tech and since 2019 blockchain has been our main focus. We intend to launch our own dApps when smart contracts are released later this year so watch this space! We are based in the UK and Croatia and will be attending any Cardano events in those countries, so make sure you say hello!

How can I contact Pluto?

The best way to contact PLUTO is on Twitter via DM - search for @PlutoStakePool We are also on Instagram, Facebook and Telegram